About us



Growing up as a kid in deep South Trinidad, Point Fortin, I've witnessed and admired the barbecue process,.. the preparations, the aroma, the taste.. all of it said something to me whenever meat goes on the grill, that there's something special going on. I hadn't the chance to try at it on my own until some 18 years later, but when I did, it was evident that I just couldn't leave the hobby alone. I've done barbecue on, what I'd consider now , very small grills, played around with different flavors, creating sauces and rubs.. some went through the window, some stayed.. exhaustingly learned how heat and smoke works and sometimes had to make cheese sandwiches for my kids because I spent all day trying to get the charcoal started.Today I design and build my own grills and smokers, come up with signature recipes , rubs and sauces,.. prepare, smoke and grill my meats to perfection, and then make you fall in love with them. Down at The Smoke Shed we serve up some of the most succulent baby-back and spear ribs, tender beef briskets, four different styles of smoked chicken that are absolutely pleasing to the palate, all smoked low and slow over Balata wood, and some specialty sides that makes you want to keep eating, all served in warm ambiance and hospitality. So come on down to the Smoke Shed Authentic Barbeque and get your hands dirty with some good food.


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